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Irbegen Tablets 150mg




Active Ingredient:

Irbesartan 150mg



White to off-white, oblong, biconvex film-coated tablets with score line and "G" embossed on one side and plain on the other


Regulatory Class:

Prescription Drug



  • Indication
  • Indication
  • Use and Administration
Use and Administration

Irbegen is used in adult patients:
• to treat high blood pressure (essential hypertension)
• to protect the kidney in patients with high blood pressure, type 2 dia betes and laboratory evidence of impaired kidney function.

Method of administration
Irbegen is for oral use. Swallow the tablets with a suf cient amount of uid (e.g. one glass of water). You can take Irbegen with or without food. Try to take your daily dose at about the same time eachday. It is important that you continue to take Irbegen until your doctor tells you otherwise.